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Administration Module

Control all activities of your institute at once with our administration module. It helps you manage students, teachers and other staff efficiently.

HR Management

Get sustainable progress with our expert HR manager at your service. Manage your staffs' attendance reports, salary receipts and their progress reports all at one place.

Admission Management

No more waiting in long queues for taking admissions. DIGIMKEY provides online admission customized form system through which students can fill form from anywhere.

Transport Management

For students safety and security, we use IOT devices for tracking. Parents can track their child through our mobile application.

Fees Management

Accounts department is one of the integral part of any institute. Maintain your accounts without any hassle with our fees module.

Attendance Management

Generate defaulters report for all classes at once without any data entry. Our system can retrieve data and produce reports on real-time basis.

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Admin console

Parent Interface

  • Get notified on real-time basis
  • Check home-work/assignments via mobile
  • Track your child anytime, anywhere
  • Pay fees online
  • Receive Online Marksheet
  • Send Leave Application

Teacher Interface

  • Attendance
  • Send Assignments
  • Leave Applications
  • Manage Exams
  • Send Notification
  • Syllabus tracking

Transport Interface

  • Real-time Bus tracking system for students
  • Automated attendance of students via IOT
  • Transport module also keeps a track of all routes

Student Interface

  • Track Attendance
  • Send Leave Applications
  • Track Progress
  • Exam Reports
  • Receive Assignments
  • Get Notified